Building Strength Through Yoga Poses and Stretches

Building Strength Through Yoga Poses and Stretches

The Benefits Of Doing Yoga Everyday
There has been a drastic increase in Yoga participants over the last fifteen years. This is because more people are starting to realize the potential of Yoga stretching and posing. In fact, Yoga teaches people how to control their breathing as well as strengthen their muscles through intense stretching. More people are discovering Yoga because it is a workout that you can do in the comfort of Read the rest of this entry »

Encouraging Your Kids to Get Active

It’s no secret that childhood obesity is on the rise. With video games, iPods, the Internet and, of course, television, it can seem like a small feat to pull your kids away from their electronic-induced haze. Here are a few tips to get them off the couch and on the move.

Find something that interests them. Look at what games or T.V. shows your kids are into. If your son’s addicted to a baseball video game, try signing Read the rest of this entry »

Top Tips for Limiting Portion Sizes

When dieting, one of the most effective ways to stay on track is by limiting the portion sizes of the food you eat. Following is a short list of ways that you can keep your portions in check:

1 – Prepare Less Food

Whether you’re making a single meal for yourself or a meal for multiple diners, preparing only enough food that you plan to eat in one sitting can prevent overindulgences or excessive snacking.

2 – Pre-Portion Your Meals

Cooking and preparing meals for several days or for the week ahead Read the rest of this entry »

Easy Ways to Add More Steps to Your Day

The old adage “What gets measured, gets done” is true even in the walking arena. The most effective way to increase your steps is to start measuring your daily steps. This is where a pedometer comes in. If you don’t have one, they are really inexpensive and worth the small investment. Once you have one, you need to gauze your baseline number of steps. The fitness experts say that we need at least 10,000 steps (or five miles) daily to have ideal fitness.

If you work in Read the rest of this entry »

Cooking Healthy Meals at Home is Easy

With a family and a busy schedule it can seem like a difficult task to get a healthy meal on the table. Reaching for junk food or frozen dinners is not the best way to combat a busy schedule. It is easy to cook healthy meals at home with a little bit of preparation. Cooking a healthy meal for dinner, lunch or breakfast can be more easily done if the ingredients are already prepared. Try waking up to marinade chicken, pork or beef and to prepare the vegetables for a salad.Never heard of Read the rest of this entry »

Making Healthier Choices at the Grocery Store

Foods that can be seen on the grocery store shelves are filled with additives, sugars and fats. Even the most basic foods can be unhealthy and anyone who tries to get their grocery shopping done quickly will certainly buy items that are not good for them or their families. Only the best and most nutritious foods should be purchased from the grocery store and this requires thoughtfulness and thorough examination of products and their labels. Read the rest of this entry »

Getting Active with Your Whole Family

Being active is not only beneficial for your mental and physical health, but can also bring your family together if you can get your entire family involved.
Starting a family exercise program is an extremely positive thing to do. First, there is the many physical and mental benefits involved. Running with your family for even just thirty minutes a day can greatly increase your metabolism and cardiovascular health while also giving the immune system a nice boost. Exercise also tones the body and can fight off obesity. Read the rest of this entry »

Staying Fit on the Go: Vacation and Exercise

Taking a vacation is one of the best things a person can do for their health. Jobs are a major stress factor that physically and mentally taxes the body over time. The best way to job detox is by taking yourself and your family to a gorgeous beach or pristine mountain atmosphere. The trouble with vacations is that people are often inclined to spend the majority of their time overeating and lounging around in chairs. If Read the rest of this entry »

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